The 7 days on Ichiban were extremely enjoyable for me and my family. Janne and his wife Kerstin spoiled us. The sailing area is uniquely beautiful. The yacht Ichiban offers impressive sailing experiences. Whenever possible, the sails were set, always with the active help of my family. Janne also handed over the helm to us when we wanted it. We learnt a lot about ocean sailing without Janne's missionary approach of turning us into professional sailors. Kerstin's culinary delights left nothing to be desired, which was not easy as four of my family were vegetarians.

 Louise Eliasof and James Sollins, New York 

We had an extraordinary week on the beautiful Ichiban discovering the Stockholm archipelago with Janne and his wife Kerstin.  Janne is an experienced captain who wisely had us split our time between harbors and mooring, as well as sailing and motoring. Kerstin is an excellent chef whose delicious food was fresh and diverse, especially her homemade bread. We visited picturesque villages, charming harbors, isolated islets and rugged landscapes. On board, we enjoyed long chats about everything under the sun, and learned a lot about Sweden.  We relished the complete comfort of the yacht and can’t wait to be back on her again!


 Louise Eliasof and James Sollins, New York

Ann & Brad Willauerd, Maine, USA


Ann and I and three other couples enjoyed an extraordinary sailing vacation over the last two weeks aboard ICHIBAN throughout the Stockholm Archipelago. I say extraordinary because you sailed as often as possible, always in comfort. Owning a J-46 myself, maintaining and racing it transoceanic, I see your skills are the very best. Add to this your kindness, your modesty, and humor, the result is a really exceptional experience. This is all made even better by your wife - Kerstin’s - know how and pride in the galley. She runs an excellent operation. In addition, you helped 25 other Americans find bare-boat charters from various sources near Stockholm, making this cruise the best ever for the Cruising Club of America. 

All of us involved in the organization of the cruise are extremely grateful for your special assistance.


 ~ Brad Willauerd Commodore CCA

Harriet & Pete Pallette, California, USA

Janne & Kerstin,

I'm late in getting this note of gratitude to the two of you for hosting us on an incredible adventure sailing the Swedish Archipelago. Harriet and I were privileged to accompany such accomplished mariners aboard your beautiful IchiBan. Janne - your unsurpassed sailing talents and knowledge of the area are exceptional. And Kerstin - your galley skills left us in awe of what can be accomplished with the limited resources of a small food preparation and storage facility. Not only did we thoroughly enjoy your company, we also learned a lot about beautiful Sweden and its wonders. To simply say "thank you" to each of you seems inadequate, but it will have to do. Thanks, again, for a truly memorable - and educational - experience. 

Kindest regards and fair winds, Pete & Harriet Pallette


 ~ Pete Pallette


We sailed as a family on Ichiban in June of 2015 out of Bergen through the picturesque Norwegian Fjords. Everything about the trip was amazing. The yacht was in excellent order and we enjoyed both sailing and being under power. The hospitality was truly warm and friendly. Janne went out of his way to ensure that the trip exceeded our expectations, and the meals prepared by his chef were so delicious and elegantly prepared that it was difficult to believe that she was working in a small galley. We look forward to our next trip in Ichiban.



Louise and Per Berggren, Oxfordshire, England

" In July 2015 we where lucky enough to spend one week on Ichiban, a great adventure, sailing around the beautiful Lofoten Islands, above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway.
Ichiban is a fantastic yacht, with all the luxuries and comfort you can expect. Fantastic food, always trying to capture local specialities, prepared by the resident top chef and eaten on a beautifully decorated dining table. Little things like change of bed sheets midweek makes you feel pampered and as if you where in great hotel more than onboard a sailing yatch.
All supervised by Captain Janne, who is always ready to accommodate our wishes, running a highly efficient and safe ship."



Ingela Evans, London, England

The archipelagos in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, the fjords in Norway and last but not least our trip to the very north of Norway. All different, but equally beautiful and exciting. Complete comfort and every meal is a culinary experience. The trips are beautifully planned and organized into the smallest detail, but there is room for individual wishes.
A journey on board Ichiban is all you can possibly wish for on a holiday.



CG Wallin, Saltsjöbaden, Sweden

When Janne, the skipper, welcomed me onboard S/Y Ichiban I immediately felt that this was a happy ship. The feeling stayed during the entire sailing trip and a comfortable relation established onboard which gave us all memories that will stay for the rest of our life.



Isabel Sicat, Rhode Island, USA

The Scandinavian fjords are breathtaking in of themselves, but seeing them from the Ichiban is an altogether different adventure. To awaken on the boat, have a delicious meal, and enjoy sailing through the most beautiful parts of Norway is like nothing I have ever experienced. I was constantly in awe. The Ichiban is a beautiful sailboat, but it is made all the more extraordinary by the professionalism and friendship of Janne and Kristen. It was incredible, and it was a journey I will not ever forget.



Lynn Glaser, Berkeley, CA, USA

“I have experienced three remarkable trips on the Ichiban with family and friends in Sweden and in Norway. Sailing in Scandinavia was exhilarating and beautiful whether in breezy sun or big seas. It’s a wonderful boat with plenty of room on deck and below for relaxing, meals are a treat, and the general atmosphere Janne creates is always comfortable. In addition, he finds magical mooring sites that include plenty of fun onshore.”



Barbara and Thomaso Poggio, Massachusetts, USA

We have been spending memorable summer vacations in the Swedish Archipelago and in Norway on Ichiban. The more we did it, the more we had a desire to repeat the experience.
A combination of gorgeous nature in the northern summer sun and sailing experience with elegance and wisdom: Janne and his collaborators are such amazing sailors, cooks and human beings. It is a perfect experience for a range of ages: from elderly to teenagers, we all learned how to have fun, to enjoy and respect a most remarkable sailing boat.
For me personally, a morning jump in the frigid waters and a day of sailing and exploring together with family and friends - all so well taken care of - are the best dream!


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