There is a wide spectra of activities waiting for the adventurer. Sailing, flying, kayaking, fishing and much more


Danish, the happiest people in the world


After having spent several days in the Finnish archipelago you get the sensation nature is forever lasting.

norway lofoten

Astonishing natures sceneries and fantastic sea life. We cannot describe, you have to experience it

The West coast of Norway

800 meters cliffs above your head, 200 meter of deep water under the keel and the drinking water poured directly from the waterfall into the jug.

The High coast of Sweden

The unique atmosphere in the old fishing harbors along the coast is amazing, you imagine hearing the engines of the fishing boats leaving.

Open Sea

The feeling when you approach the harbor after having been out at open sea is indescribable

Stockholm Archipelago

Glide into a natural cove, anchor up and explore an unpopulated island

Swedish west coast

Saltwater, a beautiful archipelago with rocky skerries and an extraordinary wild life


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