Sailing in the Stockholm Archipelago can be done in many different ways. Our suggestion with your trip is to sail our beautiful 70 feet SWAN in unspoiled areas, anchoring among the last islands before the open sea. You will go hiking in our kayaks reaching even closer to the nature with good chances to meet a seal or see a sea eagle passing by.


To be able to catch your own food is a basic instinct for a human beings. While sailing in the Baltic or the Norwegian Atlantic coast we have lot of opportunities to go fishing. We fish while sailing, on anchor or from the RIB either way S/Y Ichibans professional chefs are ready to prepare a meal of newly caught fishes.


You will find your selves exploring places you just dreamt about. The amount of skerries and the wilderness will make you think that you are in the end of the world. Using the inflatable RIB, onboard S/Y Ichiban, your only limitation is how adventurous you are.

Amphibian Aircraft

A much appreciated complement to your trip is to take an amphibian aircraft crossing over the archipelago of Stockholm, the most beautiful in the world. The plane touches down on the water and sneaks up to our yacht. You climb over to the airplane, it lifts and there it is, the whole archipelago of Stockholm, from above.


To anchor in a beautiful natural harbor and get into a hot sauna after a day at sea is whatsoever weather conditions something very special. When we arrive the fire is already lit and the sauna is hot. With a well deserved beer you enjoy the heat and when it is getting a bit too hot you plunge yourself into the cooling sea outside. There are several private saunas to rent, or you can use the public ones which are spread out in the archipelago.

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